Did We Sell Our Soul ??!

How social media has completely screwed our moral and ethical values…

Do any of you remember the time when opinions were original, uninfluenced and represented freedom of speech? When blogs and Facebook was being used by social activists raising their voice against the limited mindsets of our social set ups. When blogging was a form of documenting expressions of frustrations and Facebook was used to create small groups of revolutionaries who planned to do good?

And then it all began… the paying off bloggers to get your story featured, the bloggers accepting money in exchange for good product reviews. Moving on to Facebook and Twitter platforms being used for promotional purposes and YouTube being the only avenue of the rising reviewer. Blogs died and people started switching to YouTube to search for product reviews. It started off with free products being sent to a reviewer and has to come to a point where not only are they paid to talk about the product, the affiliate is invited to exclusive, expensive vacation trips. The cost of our souls keep rising and companies go out of the way to create an “influence”

It began from freedom of speech to “Can I trust this now?”

We sold our souls and are now living and breathing in a time where every thing from an Instagram post to Snapchat to Youtube is sponsored. Paid by some company in some way creating content to convince the buyer we are “Honest!”

How far will it go? What happens after the companies have paid “enough” Where do we go from here? It is already so extreme. What level of extravagance will we go to buy the opinions of others?

Will we ever realize we gave up our ethics and morals and now it may be too late to roll back? What kind of influence or platform did we create for the generation z? Will we again question and choose freedom of expression?

Who do we trust?

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