Simplify your Travel!

Tips-To-Remember-When-Travelling-Travel-By-Air2I bet some of you are getting ready to take your annual vacations. If you are like me, chances are that a little part of you is freaking out and thinking ‘what if I forget something?’ Checking passport and all documents for the umpteenth time and going over your checklist over and over is the norm.

However, since I have travelled long haul many times, I try to follow some simple rules to address my anxiety to some level. I have put down some tips below to help make life easier, feel free to apply what works.
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Welcome aboard the new PIA – Finally!

Delayed flights, bad in-cabin service, technical problems, cancellations are all thoughts that cross the mind when thinking of flying PIA. Over the last couple of years PIA has suffered many losses, not only financial but reputation wise as well. It has been a topic of ridicule in many shows, mediums and forums. Sadly most of it is justified. Because of corrupt management and overstaffing of employees our National Airline has suffered and over the years has gone down. Delays and cancellations due to technical difficulties in planes became so common that people became frustrated and started protesting. But lack of choices in domestic travel even though Air Blue and Shaheen Air exist, people still found PIA to be the preferred choice.

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Dubai – Where the World meets!

When one can find life, business, fun and adventure, all in one city, why would they choose to go anywhere else? And that’s exactly why Dubai, the hub of United Arab Emirates, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and businesspeople throughout the year.

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