Once Upon a True Love’s First Kiss…


In a light bulb / aha moment, when an epiphany hits you in the gut, you realize ‘wait, have I really been this naïve all these years?’ I mean come on, I’ve been on earth for a while now, but only now realized somethings that were fed into our brains since we were like 4 years old.

Gosh! Those are the moments when the walls break, and you jump free through to the other side thinking ‘hey, lets tell everyone! Even if they don’t want to know 🙂

If you are confused and thinking I have discovered some hidden gems of the world, well, I’m sorry, you are wrong. This isn’t new, and I am sure someone must have already written about this, but hey this is my blog and I gotta talk my mind… duhhaa (Ross Gellar style)!

So let’s get to the point… yes, finally!  Continue Reading…

Words from your soldier

Sometimes the memories fade and the emptiness grows

So I look at your pictures and see your smile

The laughter, the pain, the love we shared

The void that can never be filled

Come see me sometimes, I want to hear your voice

The anger, the joy, the hugs for peace

Lost somewhere are the times we spent

Empty hands that miss your strength

I will stand tall as you taught me well

Forever missing your love that can never be replaced

Happy Birthday Abu . . .