Foodie’s Diary: Arbor – An Enjoyable Experience!


My dear friends and I decided to try out this new restaurant at Bukhari Commercial called Arbor. Arbor is located on main Khayaban-e-Bukhari, a little ahead of Blush and right before Askari Bank’s branch. You almost miss it, because the branding is not very visible, it is constructed like a little cave indoors.


The ambiance is fairly pleasant, just the right amount of sunlight and yellow lamps. It may become dark at night, but in daytime it looks pretty. The décor is nicely done, color combination is subtle and you have the standard café seating with no privacy around the tables. Arbor has a standard, daily specials and pleasant staff.


The food was decent, a bit overpriced in my opinion.

Entrée: Fish Mediterranean:


This was the best, had earthy and fragrant flavors, and was cooked just right. The blend of flavors and mashed potatoes on the bottom worked beautifully with the fish.

Entrée: Jamaican Chicken:


A treat for spice lovers! This dish should have a warning sign of how spicy it will be. If you really enjoy spicy foods, this one’s for you. Me, not so much.

Entrée: Jalapeno Chicken:


Safe choice for white sauce lovers, like me. The white sauce lacked seasoning but was done nicely with jalapenos. However, the chicken was over cooked and therefore dry. A bit disappointing considering the price, I definitely have had better, but it was enjoyable, nonetheless.


Mint Lemonade – not a clear lemonade but the best out of the three we ordered.

Blueberry Margarita – it was okay, a bit too sweet.

Golden Beach – decent if you like sweet orange flavor.

Dessert: Chocolate Blast Cake


This was the highlight of the day! The edible golden chocolatey dome melts when hot chocolate is poured over it. The cake and the icing together makes it rich and heavy, a divine combination for chocolate lovers. The walnuts mixed in the melting cake – yum! Save some space for this one, it definitely fills you up. One for three or four people is more than enough!



None of the staff know how to take photos. In fact, they actually avoid you and refuse even if you ask them to! Isn’t that strange? I mean we asked the server to take our photo at least three timesbut he kept avoiding us. When he finally took a photo, he then said, “I don’t know how to take good photos”. We relied on selfies mostly – sigh…


Per head cost with one entrée, drink and a shared dessert: PKR 1,600

Overall an enjoyable experience – definitely will go again, especially for the Chocolate Blast Cake and Mediterranean Fish.

Rating: 7/10

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