14 Problems Only Females Will Understand

1) When you have a zit on your face, and your male colleague asks you, “Oh what is that on your face?”, you look at him for two seconds and say “I am starring in Men in Black 5 and this is an alien growing out of my chin – and I’m here to invade your planet?!”

Seriously?!?! What planet are you from?? Or are you trying to say that you never grew a zit in your life! What kind of question is that anyway

2) When you go to work with a nice lively lipstick, “Oh hey, are you going somewhere? Why are you so dressed? Did you wake up at 6am to do this makeup?”

Hmm?!?! All I wanted was to wear a happy color on my lips! Where is the problem!?

3) When you wear light makeup and just lip gloss “What happened to you? Are you ill? Not feeling well? Did you walk straight out of bed?”

Seriously?!?! Like seriously?! Refer to point 2 again! Are humans ever happy?

4) When you wear an eastern dress to work “Hey you look so desi and ‘domestic’, completely not your style”

Okay?!?! Like you know me enough to pass that judgment?! Maybe I just like this dress!!

5) When you wear a western outfit “Wow, you look like you are going to the club! You’re confusing, what are you mod or desi?”

Well.. why don’t you label me and give me A TYPE!?!?! Go ahead, take away my right to wear whatever I want, whenever I want!

6) When you wear a pink colored dress to work, you get to hear nouns like Gulabo, Rosy when you wear red and Jet-spot for orange, Pakistan ka Jhanda when you wear green & white or gola ganda at prints.

What should I say? Is this harassment? Or is it one of those chalta hai jokes!

7) When you color your hair: “Did you just visit the salon? Wow, you have so much time on your hands!”

Sigh… I am still clenching my teeth, therefore a suitable answer is missing to that one!

8) When you let your white hair grow out “Oh my God! How old are you? We can see your white hair!”

ARGH?!?! Who has the time to notice things like this? I for sure don’t care about facts like this. Do you understand my point here girls?

9) In a meeting when a male colleague asks questions, “oh how interactive and interested he is in the project”. When a female asks questions, “Gosh, she asks so many questions, she’s so annoying?” or “She is the arguing type”

Seriously?!?! What the…

10) In a conflict when women raise their voices “Gosh, she’s so loud, is she like that with her husband and kids? Lets just avoid her, she’s so uff.” When men are loud in a conflict the same people say “Of course, the stronger one must be the louder one”

No one then asks if he behaves the same way with his wife or kids? So does he?! Is that acceptable?!

11) When you drive your car to work “Oh she is so independent, outgoing, probably the party type y’know, she has her own car”

Seriously?!?! I didn’t know getting to work in your own car makes you a party type.

12) When you don’t drive and come to work with a driver “You don’t drive? You are not self-sufficient? Too dependent. Its probably because women aren’t good drivers anyway?”

Beeeeep and a louder beep, refer to previous point please!

13) When you have a hearty meal at the office, “Oh my God, you eat so much? You will get fat!”

Have you seen yourself! Get me girls???

14) When you have a salad at work “Oh, of course you are on a diet right. You have a stomach the size of a sparrow, you should eat more you are too skinny!”

Rolling my eyes!!

So ladies, I tell you, that when people say only girls’ gossip, you should refer them back to this blog. And say ‘live and let live’!!

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