Welcome aboard the new PIA – Finally!

Delayed flights, bad in-cabin service, technical problems, cancellations are all thoughts that cross the mind when thinking of flying PIA. Over the last couple of years PIA has suffered many losses, not only financial but reputation wise as well. It has been a topic of ridicule in many shows, mediums and forums. Sadly most of it is justified. Because of corrupt management and overstaffing of employees our National Airline has suffered and over the years has gone down. Delays and cancellations due to technical difficulties in planes became so common that people became frustrated and started protesting. But lack of choices in domestic travel even though Air Blue and Shaheen Air exist, people still found PIA to be the preferred choice.

News of privatization and protests within the organization were also in the air. However PIA eventually decided to turn things around themselves. With the introduction of a new management from the corporate world, we can now hope to see a better airline in the years to come. And starting now, with my recent experience, I am very excited to share that I had the smoothest and punctual travel on PIA. Which is a pleasant and welcome surprise to say the least.

We always knew that our pilots are the best. But that thought reinforced in the recent travel. Even though my Mum and Dad had the jitters owing to the buzz about PIA’s unreliability, a part of me said, lets take a leap of faith. And I my journey proved it was the right decision.

Let me start from the online purchasing of the ticket:

I purchased our tickets online, because the cost was cheaper then most travel agents that I spoke to. Surprisingly, the process was very simple, at the last page however they said an agent will call to confirm if the transaction was legitimate. Since it was 2 a.m. at night (the convenience of online shopping) I didn’t expect the call to come right after, but it did. The agent verified all the card details and confirmed our seats as well! If this wasn’t exciting enough, 24 hours earlier I got an email reminding me of my travel. Wohoo!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 1.57.06 AM

I was already sharing screen shots with my friends, when on the day of my flight I promptly got a text message reconfirming my flight on my cell phone number. This had me all in smiles. This will be such an awesome case study and hopefully I will find someone to tell me all about it.


The counter service was pretty smooth, and the lines weren’t all that crazy. Our flight was 9 p.m. and by 8:20 we were all a little anxious knowing the history of delayed flights. However promptly at 8:30 p.m. boarding was called. All of us happily went towards our plane. I was expecting the same old shaky plane which rattles while taking off, almost making you hold on to the seat incase the body of the plane actually flew away from the plane itself. But I was greeted by a spacious new A320. The business class is small but has so much space that you can actually stretch on the floor, ha ha! The economy standard to the A 320 has 3 seats on each side of the plane making it six seats in one row with walking space in the middle, of course.

The seats have been constructed smaller then before and that makes the seat extremely spacious as one have more leg and arm room. Although my dad didn’t appreciate the less cushioning on the bottom and the back, but mum and I were actually fine with it.


The food was pretty decent, as you can see from the picture below. The sweet however was an amalgamation of weird custard and kheer. Not in line with my taste pallet.


Return flight:


Call me weird but I have always loved that brown bread cheese sandwich!

Overall a great experience, we took off on time and landed on time. Except for the return flight, which was facing a head wind that slowed down the speed in the air, making us land an hour late. But the pilot explained the entire thing in detail and apologized to everyone. This was obviously a natural phenomenon but really good handling, don’t you agree?

The service was great; all of the attendants were responsive and extremely courteous. Customers can now once again enjoy a trouble free domestic travel so welcome aboard and congratulations to PIA.

I hope they keep up the good work and their efforts restore the glory of this once glorious global airline.

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  1. Pretty high in Thoughts.
    Though my experience of flying PIA has generally been not so good but the article is good.

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