6 Things I learnt in Internet Exile!

No Internet Send Help

So, I haven’t written anything in a while and that mostly has to do with the fact that I am always writing! Yes, writing for work – and that usually takes so much mental occupation that I have no brain left at the end of the day for my blog. The free time I find, I usually waste, like most of us – haha! In simple words, I take a break from the computer. However, in the last two days that the entire Pakistan spent without Internet and mobile connection for the majority of the day, I learnt a few things, which you may already know, but read anyway!

1) We are heavily dependent on Internet and mobile networks.

Yes, yes, most of you already know that, but did you guys notice that PTCL landlines were working, and if you really needed to speak to someone you couldn’t, because either you or they didn’t have a landline anymore! Sigh… gone are the days where we would dial our friends after hours to gossip and were too afraid that our parents would pick up the extension from the other room.

2) When you have free time, and you have work that you keep putting off because you are too busy, you just wont do it!

Yes, no matter how much you run from this one, you know I am right! I had two full days of freedom from the distractions of mobile and social networks, yet I did not clean the closet I have been putting off for 3 months!

3) You want to spend time with yourself and your thoughts, and do yoga; however when the time comes you’d rather chant about being bored than do yoga.

You know that’s true for you too. I didn’t do yoga, but I made breakfast, I think that can pass as spending time with my tummy and myself.

4) Your life probably felt empty, sad, hollow, meaningless or all of the above, because you couldn’t check your Facebook feed.

I personally don’t care about this one. The only thing I missed was the endless spam marketing messages on my phone trying to sell me a carpet dry cleaning service or even supplements not designed for my gender (sarcasm – just making sure you got it!).

5) You want to write a blog, for your diary or for anything, yet the voices in your head are also off and therefore no topic for inspiration materializes.

 I agree… this is a post that got realized after I put an imaginary gun to my not so imaginary head, knowing that if I don’t write ANYTHING I will feel super guilty.

6) It’s a great time to spend with family, or not.

Agreed, but I kind of missed the distractions of the Internet. Couldn’t download any movies to watch with family, so spent most of the time over-analyzing each member of the family. After a while one realizes how important mental occupation is.

However, the two days break from the Internet and mobile connection, resulted in a stress free, relaxed environment at home – unless you were watching the news on TV. Sometimes I think we should actively take a break from technology. Just shut down all devices and find the time to be with yourself. It’s a great learning; you will know how boring you are when you are alone. Also, you just might find a new purpose in life other than updating Facebook and Twitter.

Jokes apart, it is a good way to spend time with family. They deserve it. You deserve it so try it!

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