Health, Hunger and Heartache!

So, some weeks ago I had written a rather detailed post on my struggles with food and being healthy – read it here if you haven’t already done so. This post is rather, an updated version of the same old struggles. After lacking commitment to exercise at home and with a big lag of 3 months of procrastination, I finally decided it was time to join an external training program.

I was doing my research for the right kind of dance / workout classes and I stumbled upon a demo class for Body Makeover Season 8 at Body Beat Recreational Center

I enthusiastically took the demo class and during the challenges decided to show everyone how cool I am by doing 22 push ups! Of course, they were modified but come on! The person who can’t do 5 push ups managed to do 22 in a challenge, only to win. Yes my ego was restored and I was one of the winners of the challenge, but boy did I regret it the next day. Both my arms were frozen and in so much pain that moving was an achievement on its own. After various sessions of cold and heat therapy and several compression bandages, I decided the Body Makeover was a challenge that I just needed to take, since it was so much fun the other day!! Right!?

And in that enthusiasm I started their workout sessions just 2 days later – when the arms were feeling a wee bit better. Half way through the first class, I wished I had not paid for this enduring class! Cuz I wanted to run, and run far away, from this crazy, high intensity class that pushed me into a full fitness regime all of a sudden.

As expected the next day I was completely frozen, I was wobbly and could not even walk right – nor hold up a cup of tea. However, I made it to all the three classes of the week and felt immensely proud. Only to be downed by fever and acute fatigue over the entire weekend, but feeling more committed to the change and the work out than ever.

I am happy to have survived week 2 and the combination of high intensity workouts along with strength training is really building my stamina and muscles. BUT, I am eating like crazy; I just cannot follow the diet plan that they have given. Its like the more I work out the more my body screams for food!

IMG_3122 2

While speaking to the trainer the other day I had some renewed hope. He explained to me that it was perfectly normal for me to be so hungry (that’s probably he doesn’t know how much I eat yet – hehe). I’m sure you’re wondering but I have not yet lost weight nor reduced inches – it is just my second week; give me a break! But over all I am feeling much better and I look forward to working out even if it’s in the hope of losing the stubborn belly fat.

I will try, and I am saying TRY, to eat a little healthier so I can actually make a difference to my body but no way am I decreasing the quantity of the yummy carbs just yet. Maybe someday but that day is not today. Or maybe I will try to – I don’t know yet. Understand the anguish on this one?

The struggle continues, but people like me; who can’t continue working out at home, must take a proper training session. For some reason a trainer on your case, in a classroom, is more effective than a self-motivating session. Strange I know, but that’s what works for me.

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