Foodie’s Diary: Foods I Love in U.S.A

As the weather in Karachi is driving everyone insane, I am missing the amazing climate of U.S.A. Even in the peak days of summer, there were light rain showers every other day and a cool breeze. Sigh…

However this post isn’t about just the climate, I want to write about all the yum food that I love and go back for again and again.

1) Five Guys:

In priority my top most favorite is Five Guys. Their cheeseburgers are to die for! The meat with just the right seasoning melts in the mouth and you can get customized toppings and make it just the way you like it. I usually keep mine simple and order a little cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce and pickles. Along with this I order small Cajun spiced fries and a small drink. Now the small sizes in U.S.A. are completely different compared to Pakistan. In U.S.A the small size is medium in Pakistan therefore whenever I order I order everything small.

The best part about Five Guys is that they give you a lot of fries. So if you ordered small they will give you half a bag full apart from the small fries. The drinks are bottomless of course, fill them as many times as you like. One more thing that I really enjoy at Five Guys is the roasted salted peanuts. These are available to eat in the restaurant and you can take as many as you like.

Five Guys has also recently opened up in Dubai and this made me super excited so I had to try it. However even though the ordering experience along with the peanuts and extra fries were same, the burger was a disappointment. The meat was over cooked and the taste was just not the same. So if you want the real Five Guys you have to come to U.S.A. Enjoy the pictures below:


The melting cheese, the tender meat, soft bun, absolutely yum!


2) Steak’ n Shake:

The second favorite place for me is Steaks and Shakes. They have the best shakes in town and their salted caramel shake with pretzels was really yum. I ordered their Cajun spiced cheeseburger and the shake and both of them were really good. The bun was soft and nicely glazed with garlic butter and the meat was tender. The shake had just the right amount of salt and sugar to keep it balanced. It is a must try for people who like this combination. Check out the delicious photos below:


Garlic glazed bun, tender meat and crispy fries, delicious! 


3) Potbelly:

These sandwiches are super yum. They are healthy and available in different flavors. The only suggestion is to take the chillies on the side, because they are not your regular spices, they will fry your brain. I had to pick mine out of the sandwich because I just couldn’t eat them.


Irresistible meat sandwich but super hot chillies! 


4) Chick-fil– A:

If you are in one of the malls, you must try the chicken sandwiches from Chick Fil – A. These are super juicy chicken burgers that are quite enjoyable. The fries, even though were their top selling, failed to impress me. They were soggy and unsalted. So maybe a better side would the yogurt Parfait. Their lemonade however was good and kept me nicely hydrated. Pictures given below:


Juicy chicken burger, a meal worth having again! 


5) Gyro:

Pronounced as ‘eero’ with G being silent, is an interesting discovery. I tried this at the taste of Cincinnati. It has a mix of meats turkey, beef and chicken along with cucumber sauce and pita bread. This light but super tasty. Must have again!


Fresh, tasty and tender meat, it was awesome! 

So I know this is a short list and I would love to know some suggestions from you on which burgers to try next when I am there. For me my star pick is Five Guys.

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  1. Super Yum!!! I made a mistake, i read this while fasting 🙁

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