The Struggles of a Foodie to Healthy


So I am not fat. That is more of a consolation then a statement. But really, I am not exactly fat, but I am gaining some stubborn weight around the most unflattering areas. I feel, at times, I end up resembling a balloon. Not that I don’t like balloons, but really I don’t think I am happy looking like one.

Therefore I finally decided to take the reigns in my hands. Might I mention that I have done this quite a number of times only to give up due to lack of motivation, consistency and yes commitment.

However this time I feel (like all the previous times) that I will lose the stubborn weight. Pray for my dedication on this one!


As a first step I downloaded some workout videos that I felt convinced with. I don’t usually like boring aerobics. I like the ones that are more dance-oriented. These, I find fun to work with and I don’t get bored. However I don’t stick to one type. I took a few that were short, 10-minute workouts. These, I do on workdays, when I hardly have time once I get back from work. The lengthy ones, that are almost 30 minutes, I try to do on the weekends. You have to choose what kind of workouts work for you; I downloaded a combination of them; cardio, dance and Yoga.


The second step was healthy diet. Oh, the toughest one so far. Now, notice I am not saying dieting like starving. I am saying healthy diet which means cutting out the unhealthy carbs and including the healthy items like fruits, vegies and whole-wheat foods. This step for me is the hardest because I love food! I like cheese, and I love pizza and chocolate cakes. The idea is to figure out your meal plans that include less of carbs and sugar and more of fibre, protein and vitamins.

So I have done some basic stuff like:

1) Switched from sunny side egg to boiled egg whites in the morning

2) Moved to brown rice instead of white. Brown bread instead of white

3) Included more protein in every meal

4) For snacks I try to eat fruits veggies or whole-wheat cereal (the worst)

5) Cut down on carbonated drinks, boxed juices, sugary foods and cakes

6) Instead of normal biscuits I go for the whole-wheat crackers

7) Tried to cut down on Pizza, burgers and fried foods (the hardest)

8) Cut down on chips, salts and oil

9) Eat in small portions, try to eat 5 meals instead of 3

The mind:

The only way I feel one can become healthy is when you become active in the mind. When you feel that its time to kick the laziness and take control of life. Now, I have been trying to do all of the above but consistency is my main struggle. I relapse due to heavy workweeks, temptations of food and just laziness on weekends.

Patience & consistency:

Its not magic, you wont be your ideal weight and built over night. You have to be patient and consistent. It will be at least a month before you see any results. I haven’t seen any for myself yet, except that I can fit in my skinny jeans a little better – that’s it. And its hard not to be disappointed and give up thinking its not working. It will work. Plus being healthy has more perks then just losing weight. You will feel less lethargic, more energetic, better all-round and will have a stronger immune system.

Since I am a foodie I struggle. But I will continue to try and I think having one cheat day in the week is okay. All this writing makes me hungry. I will now go find a snack for myself while I let you guys think on how you can be healthy.

Stay posted for my next update on this journey.

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