Lawn Fever: I am not ‘digging’ it

So, for the past few weeks I have been thinking about what to write. This is what I guess a writer’s block feels like. I mean, I can’t be inspired to write all the time, can I? Though, I get really impressed by people who keep updating their blogs, there was a time I could also. Sigh!

Summer has kicked in and the last few weeks all I see is Lawn billboards. The fact that I am actually going to write an irate blog-post shows how this ‘lawn fever’ actually drives me up the wall. My Instagram feed is filled with all the latest lawn launches and is plastered with all the so-called ‘socialites’ of Pakistan wearing the latest branded clothes. I mean come on; only a few years ago lawn was the fabric no one even considered worth buying! When did it become the rage it did? And to top it all, the prices are super insane. And what seriously surprises me, is the number of ladies pushing and shoving each other to buy it first. Like really? All of you want to end up wearing the same thing?

But the main question is, where is this disposable income coming from? To buy a Rs. 6,000 suit, only to throw away after wearing three to four times? Where inflation is high, unemployment is soaring, poverty is increasing; the lawn madness continues to grow. How? Why?

It seems to be the most profitable business for many years to come. With its elaborately decorated launches, fashion shows with the top paid models of the country, it seems that these ‘designers’ have endless money. And the people who consistently line up to buy thin, see through, low quality fabric, with repetitive designs at ridiculously high prices?! I am baffled, to say the least.

The latest trend these days is inviting bloggers to ‘cover’ the launches. The formula is pretty simple, the designer sends them a free lawn suit, inviting them to attend the launch. They along with the team of photographers, the paparazzi of Pakistan to cover the event, post ‘millions’ of similar photos on Instagram, Facebook and their blogs and will sing praises for the overly priced, thin, low quality clothes. All of them seem to be ‘digging’ the print. I know I may be overtly picking war with the so-called kings and queens of the new media these days, but guys, come on! You cant seriously ‘loooveee’ all the prints and suits you see! Where are the souls that started off with writing honest reviews?

And one must also write a few lines about the attendees of the launches. These are women who are called the ‘socialites’ of Pakistan. The rich, the beautiful, all with the same color hair-dye, blow-dried hair, wearing the latest prints. These attendees have the time to visit the salon, get dressed, come to these launches, get a million pictures taken in front of the brand’s back drop and get featured in all the magazines, blogs and Facebook pages. It’s amazing how much time they have, and what’s more interesting is how they end up using it. Again I wonder, where does the money come from? Husbands? Lottery tickets? Endless diamond mines? They are definitely not the working class. I say this, because women who work, like me, are running around trying to manage time, with home, family, pets aka kids and writing.

So I am totally not ‘digging’ this latest trend. I rather dig a little hole and plant a few trees. Think about that for a change.

One thought on “Lawn Fever: I am not ‘digging’ it

  1. They must have endless diamond mines or caves full of gold. Even if one counts his/her salary as a pocket money, its not enough to last a month yet waste it on so-called branded lawn. Good thing you have high lighted the see-through material, almost every brand has this issue, whats the point of getting lawn when we have to wear double layers inside it!

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