Just Then Series – Gun Shots at Dawn

He came towards me with menace in his eyes, grabbed me by the arm and twisted it hard. I cried with pain as he pushed my face down in the curb. I tasted the blood and the dust. Tears ran down my face as I tried to call out for help. He pushed me harder. 

Just then a gunshot echoed and stunned everything around. Silence swept over as the ringing of my own ears deafened me. The loud thud of someone falling over sounded like a far away dream. I closed my eyes in anticipation of death, as a shadow loomed over. The adrenaline in my system pumped my heart like crazy. I almost stopped breathing when he leaned over to pick me up from the ground.

I was too scared to open my eyes but the familiar grip on my shoulders encouraged me to turn. I almost collapsed with relief as I saw him. I fell in his arms, sobbing with relief, fear and trauma. Just as I was about to unwind, I heard another gunshot and an unbearable pain went through my chest. Shocked and unsure, I looked at the blood staining my shirt. I looked at him, confused, and I saw the grin on his face, the look in his eyes. His face so handsome, started becoming blurry as I felt myself falling. The ground coming closer, the time getting slower, I felt the numbness in my legs and arms. I was helpless.The pain in my chest radiated throughout my body and the time seemed to have stopped. I heard the familiar laughter, once so dear, it broke my heart, I felt it’s pain as it shattered into disbelief.

The ground came all too quickly and my head hit the pavement knocking me out.

Just then, I woke up, sweating and panting in the middle of the night and looked at my chest. No blood, but pain and the trauma of the memories that haunt me

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