Foodie’s Diary: Vintage – I recommend it!

I am a foodie and love trying new restaurants. But often when I pick my favorite restaurant I keep going back to it!

The restaurant that I am raving about these days is Vintage Café. And I have literally told all my friends and family members to go there. If they didn’t know better they would think I am a Vintage employee. But you can expect to find absolute true reviews on my blog with complete pros and cons.

Vintage is located off Saba Avenue, on Main Kheyaban-e-Sehar. The location is not very ideal for parking, and if you aren’t looking intently you may miss the restaurant completely. But, once you park you are greeted with a bright yellow door. As you walk in you take the stairs to the basement where you are welcomed with a beautifully decorated cozy restaurant. The décor and ambiance is bright & refreshing. Customer service is impeccable and you are immediately greeted by one of the attendants and they provide you a table.

The menu does not have a whole lot of variety, but whatever they have is pretty delicious. Since it’s a restaurant & bakery they have starters, sandwiches & burgers, some main dishes in chicken, savory and sweets. The drinks menu comes separately and contains an assortment of nice refreshing drinks.

Let’s talk about the best part; their food! Oh man! Absolutely delicious! I have been there twice already, and both times I had awesome meals. Check out the photos below and be prepared to feel hungry. Yumm!

Tarragon Alakiev


Chicken filled with cheese, spinach and mushrooms, served with veggies and a choice of sideline. I chose mash potatoes. Thoroughly enjoyed the deliciousness, however it is heavy, so those who eat less can share.

Florentine Pie


Filled with chicken, cheese, spinach and mushrooms, for me it was a little too salty. The piecrust was crispy but the filling was cold. Though we ate this, but may not order it again.

Roasted Bell Pepper Chicken


This was a winner for me, for sure will order again. Adequately spiced, the chicken fillets are light and covered with scrumptious tarragon sauce. Served with a choice of sideline and veggies.

Classic Lava Cake


Served hot and oozing with a scoop of ice cream, it is ideal for chocolate lovers. However for me, it was a bit too high on the density of chocolate and the sweet meter.

Nutella Turnover

IMG_0003 2

Yum yum yum! This is one of the most popular dishes at Vintage, and rightfully so. The pastry crust is thin and crispy and filled with Nutella. This is perfect for your dessert craving.

Overall a winner for me, however they don’t accept anything but cash. A big disadvantage in my view so they need to change that for sure.


  • Delicious food
  • Quiet cozy seating area
  • Refreshing and bright ambiance
  • Excellent customer service
  • Reasonably priced


  • Doesn’t accept cards – is cash only
  • Limited variety
  • Not an ideal location
  • The high chairs good to look at but not comfortable

My Rating: 4/5

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  1. Excellent start! The pictures made me hungry but really enjoyed reading it….please write about other topics too besides food, would love to read them all.
    Good luck!!!

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